Think New with Volkswagen. Now you can control your vehicle with the touch of a button; or no touch at all.  With Volkswagen's new innovations, enjoy plenty of useful features and lots of convenience.
 Easy Open from Volkswagen.
 Opens the boot for you when your hands are full.

Easy Open means all you need to do to stow heavy shopping without putting it down is move your foot beneath the back of your car. The Keyless Access Sensor detects the drive behind the vehicle while a camera scans for foot movements- and the boot opens. You needn't take the key out of your pocket at all.
 Active Info Display from Volkswagen.
 Now you can decide what information to see.

What information is important to you? You can choose what to see on the high-resolution 31 cm (12.3 inch) Active Info Display. Using a switch paddle on the steering wheel you can toggle between selected vehicle information. But the display can also show a personal information such as CD covers and photos of your smartphone contacts.