Think New with Volkswagen. Now you can decide while driving whether to go by petrol or electrically.
e-Car or combustion engine? A Volkswagen with GTE technology offers you both. Its hybrid drive combines the benefits of an electric motor with those of a petrol engine.  You can activate the motor you want at the press of a button, or, for maximum performance, ask both engines to work together.

How it works:
 The car starts by default in electric mode. That means you produce no local emissions and you drive quietly. Thanks to its linear acceleration you have access to plenty of torque from the word go.

When you reach 130 km/h your Volkswagen automatically switches over into hybrid mode. That means the petrol engine switches on as well.

 By pressing the GTE button you activate GTE mode in which both power units work simultaneously. That gives you maximum performance.
 Innovative technologies and maximum reliability. Experience the mobility of the future with the e-cars from Volkswagen.