Think New with Volkswagen. Now you can control your vehicle with the touch of a button; or no touch at all.  With Driver Assistance Systems, enjoy plenty of useful features and lots of convenience.

 Pedestrian Monitoring from Volkswagen.
 Now your Volkswagen protects passers-by.

Can a car really protect pedestrians? Pedestrian Monitoring from Volkswagen brings this goal a whole lot closer. If a pedestrian steps without warning in front of your Volkswagen, Pedestrian Monitoring will warn you within the limits of the system by issuing an acoustic and visual signal.

Trailer Assist from Volkswagen.
 No need to sweat about maneuvering a trailer.

From now on, Trailer Assist can help you if you need to reverse with something hitched up behind. Simply select the direction in which you would like to drive and the system will steer your car and trailer on its own. All you have to do is change gear, accelerate and brake. It makes maneuvering a big trailer child's play.
 Traffic Jam Assist from Volkswagen.
 Relax when traffic gets heavy.

If you prefer to relax in stop-and-go traffic, Traffic Jam Assist can drive partly automatically while you lean back. At speeds up to 60 km/h it follows the vehicle in front and autonomously controls the accelerator and brakes within the limits of the system.