Think New with Volkswagen. Now you can control your vehicle with the touch of a button; or no touch at all.  With Car-Net, Volkswagen's mobile online service, enjoy plenty of useful features and lots of convenience.

Car-Net Window Defroster from Volkswagen.
 Scraping your windscreen is a thing of the past.

With Window Defroster, you can simply climb into your car on a winter's morning and drive away. Using your smartphone you can preheat the windows before you even get out of bed. That way you can enjoy better visibility when you get into your car, while others are still scraping off the ice. And with climate control you can use your smartphone to set the interior to a pleasant temperature before you begin you journey.

Car-Net Parking Position from Volkswagen.
 Your smartphone will show you where your Volkswagen is.

Forgotten where you parked your Volkswagen? The Car-net Parking Position service means you no longer have to look. Your smartphone will show you where you left your car and how to get there quickest - a useful aid, especially in towns you don't know.

Car-Net Doors and Lights from Volkswagen.
  Piece of mind anywhere and anytime.

Did I lock the car and turn off its lights? With the Car-Net Doors and Lights service you simply use an app to check whether you locked your Volkswagen and turned off the side lights. No more worrying about whether your battery will run flat overnight. A quick glance and you're reassured.

Car-Net Online Traffic Information from Volkswagen.
 Information that saves you time and driving.

If there are roadworks or stop-and-go traffic up ahead, Car-Net's Online traffic Information service will tell you in advance. It shows the latest traffic information from the Internet almost in real time. By providing alternative routing suggestions it allows you to adjust your journey and spontaneously circumnavigate blockages.

Get your smartphone's apps on your Volkswagen's touchscreen.

From now on your Volkswagen will always have the right app, whatever the situation, because Car-Net App-Connect allows you to use many of your smartphone's apps on your radio and navigation system. Playlists, Internet radio and so on...App-Connect will add more and more features to your Volkswagen and allow you to use many of your smartphone's features safely while driving.

Car-Net Cam Connect from Volkswagen.
  Keep an eye on the traffic and the back seat.

Why is everything so quiet back there - is everyone asleep? The Car-Net Cam Connect service means you no longer have to turn around to find out. While driving you simply press a button to view a still image of the back seat on your radio and navigation system.

Control your car with a gesture.

So you'll be able to control many of your car's features without using buttons or switches, thanks to Gesture Control. Geature Control is not new territory for Volkswagen. Our Golf R Touch vehicle study shown at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 in Las Vegas demonstrated the way in which we aim to revolutionize the operation of vehicles in every segment. Our future cockpit can differentiate between different hand gestures and interpret them accurately. Gesture Control will be available in many of our model series in future.

Gesture Control allows you to do things like opening and closing your sunroof simply by sweeping your upturned palm in the required direction. Seats can also be adjusted conveniently by gesture. This technology already works simply and safely today in a way which does not permit commands to be interpreted wrongly. Gesture Control will soon be available in many of our series so that you will be able to control the model you prefer even more intuitively and naturally.