First Annual Dash For Dimes | Official Results

Thank you to all the runners for coming out and supporting the March of Dimes 1st Annual 5K Dash for Dimes Event.

This was our first time putting a run together and it was very enjoyable. Between the 5K Dash for Dimes and the Comedians for Babies Event, we raised over $5,000 for the March of Dimes. Thank you so much; with your participation this would not have been possible.

****(We hope to see you all next year! We have listed the top 20 runners due to a timing issue. Some runners did not have their tear off bib identifiers as they ran through and this caused our count to be off. We would rather not give incorrect times but I have listed the people who did have their bibs in the order they came in without times after the top 20)

Learn More about the March of Dimes and the Dash for Dimes 5K Run

Rachel Jones -17------ 18:53

Brendan Murray -32----21:51

Matt Duray -42-----------22:52

Bridger Severson -13----24:02

Olivia Stead -26-----------24:34

Jeremy Stewart -35-----24:47

Alazei Engle -10----------25:18

Jacob Tedland -29-------25:46

Steve Zabawa -55-------25:50

Sharrie Gaugler -27----25:52

Nicole Speasl -23-------26:20

Scott Audet -28---------26:22

Katie Truscott -29------26:39

Robert Perez -37------26:56

Ronda Vukasin -45----27:15

Melissa Wood -41-----27:32

Kelsey Felix -20---------28:06

Christina Taurman -36---28:12

Jon Arneson -51---------28:22

Dan Hogan -46----------29:09

Lucinda Black Eagle -39-29:15

Grant Bach

Reynie Doyle

Danni Mariakian

Malachi Stewart

Jolene Bridinground

John Pearson

Traci Kathman

Megan Malia

Pam Pearson

Karen Scally

Hayley Richards

Shirley Ebert

Misty Ferda

Christi Ferkovich

Chris Hernandez

Jessica Leonhartdt

Kary McCann

Christi Mathew

Debbie Beer

O'shay Bridinground

Ester Landrie

Ken Kunz II

Dawson Lindeen

Rene Lindeen

Gordon Jackson

Grace Frankforter

Daniels Family

Gloria Korth

Angeline Fox

Toni Hale

Rachelle Buyse

Kelly Alvstad

Laurie Mohl

Patty Cooper

Brenda Landrie

Heidi Lapalm

Bill Callahan

Rachael Melmburger

Danielle Mantnei

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