One of the more frustrating situations is an overheated car engine. There are a number of situations that commonly cause overheated engines. At the top of the list is too little coolant in an engine. A related problem is improperly diluted coolant.

Another common cause of an overheated engine is an issue with the thermostat. When a thermostat begins to malfunction, the net effect is a disruption of the flow of coolant. A malfunctioning water pump also causes engine overheating. A water pump can become damaged or simply wear out of over time. Finally, a radiator itself may go on the fritz or become damaged, causing an overheated engine.

The best way to prevent an overheated engine is making sure you obtain regular service on your vehicle. The professional, dedicated team at Volkswagen Billings can provide you the service you need. Located in Billings, schedule a service appointment at your convenience.


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