When it comes to the car you drive, safety is a crucial concern. Volkswagen is one of the auto industry's safety leaders, and here, we'll tell you how the Volkswagen Golf will keep you secure and safe behind the wheel in Billings.

The Safety Cage

All Golf models have a steel inner frame, which is specially created to absorb and spread energy in the event of a serious crash. Rear and front crumple zones absorb the forces that would otherwise be experienced by those inside the cabin.

Intelligent Crash Response

It's yet another crash-readiness feature. The Golf's intelligent crash response system automatically unlocks the doors, activates the hazard lights, and deploys airbags in the event of a collision. Though it's our hope that you never need this system, it offers an additional protective layer.

The Volkswagen Golf is one of the safest and most reliable cars in our inventory. Learn more about it online or call us at Volkswagen Billings to request a test-drive.


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